Peer-Reviewed Papers:

“Beyond Nonmarket Strategy: Market Actions as Corporate Political Activity” (with Russell Funk), Academy of Management Review, 2017.

“Stylized Facts in the Social Sciences”, Sociological Science, 2016.

“Dequantifying Diversity: Affirmative Action and Admissions at the University of Michigan” (with Ellen Berrey & Fiona Rose-Greenland), Theory & Society, 2016. A working paper version is available at SocArXiv here.

“Derivatives and Deregulation: Financial Innovation and the Demise of Glass–Steagall” (with Russell Funk), Administrative Science Quarterly, 2014. A working paper version is available at SocArXiv here.

“Formation Stories and Causality in Sociology” (with Isaac Reed) , Sociological Theory, 2014. A working paper version is available at SocArXiv here.

“Do economists make policies? On the political effects of economics” (with Elizabeth Popp Berman), Socio-Economic Review, 2014.

The Modern Corporation as Social Construction” (with Mark Mizruchi), Seattle Law Review, 2010.

Work in Progress:

“Rediscovering the 1%: Economic Expertise and Inequality Knowledge.” Working paper available at SocArXiV. Covered in Bloomberg View, Why Economists Took So Long to Focus on Inequality.

This working paper comes from my recently completed dissertation, Inventing the Economy, Or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GDP, which examines the construction of the economy as a socio-technical object. This research was funded by the National Science Foundation (Award #1229894) and the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan.

With Greta Krippner, I am working on a larger project on the history of gender and race discrimination in insurance pricing. The first paper from the project is tentatively titled “Undoing Difference: Risk Classification and Gender Discrimination in Consumer Financial Markets.”

With Emily Bosk, I am working on a comparative analysis of the politics of quantified organizational decision-making with a focus on the treatment of race and racial discrimination. The first paper from this project is tentatively titled “Summary Decisions: Selection Devices and the Quantification of Race.”

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